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As a result of the reduced passengers numbers as a consequence of the spread of the corona virus, Boreal must cancel the ferry at Lauvvik – Oanes until further notice. Boreal apologize for the inconvenience to our travelers and welcomes you back when the ferry starts up again.

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How do I buy a ferry ticket?

You can buy ferry tickets in the ticket booth at the dock or on board the ferry.
When you are traveling with the ferry, you can buy a ticket in the following ways:

  1. Bank card

  2. Value card

  3. Cash (Norwegian krone)

How does the value card work?

The value card is a ferry card that you can fill up with travel money. When you buy a value card the balance is stored on the card. Using this card you get a 40% discount on the ferry ticket traveling with a vehicle. You only pay for the car, passengers in the vehicle travel for free.  Are you traveling without a vehicle you pay kr. 30,- per person. The value card can only be used at the pulpit rock ferry, Lauvvik – Oanes.  If you choose to pay with the value card the amount of the ferry ticket will be deducted from the balance on the card. The minimum purchase to get the discount is as follows:

Minimum purchase and refill amount

Kr. 3400,- (NOK)

Value card kr. 50,- (NOK)


If you want to get a refund of the amount left on the card, download this form. Refund form.
Fill out the form and send it together with the value card to following address: Boreal Sjø AS, v/ Regnskapsavd, Postboks 609, 8801 Sandnessjøen

In case of lost or stolen value card, contact us to get the card blocked at tel. 0047 915 55 888 

We do not replace damaged value cards with visible damage. If the card has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you must pay a card fee of NOK 50,- to obtain a new card.

To receive a refund for the card value you need a valid receipt. A value card that has stopped working will be replaced and you will receive a refund on the card fee and the remaining amount on the card.

For a refund on remaining amount, lost or stolen value card you must have a valid receipt. The refund is valid from the day you hand in the value card. Refund does not apply  back in time. There is no refund in cash. Some processing time must be expected.

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